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Subject: Too funny
Posted by:  philo (phi…
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2017

A friend called me and told me his wireless mouse was not working.

First thing I did was ask him if he changed the battery. He said he was
sure the battery was good and even though I knew that was the problem...
he insisted on bringing it over for me to check.

What the heck, I'm having a slow day today.

When he got here, the mouse worked for a few minutes, then I
told him I'd would replace the battery and try again.

He took a spare battery out of his pocket and said, "brought one with me
, just in case."

After examining the mouse I could not even figure how it opened, so he
replaced the battery himself and it worked fine.

(The old one measured 0.9v , surprised it worked even for a few minutes.)