alternative to Verizon FIOS G-1100 router?

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Subject: alternative to Verizon FIOS G-1100 router?
Posted by:  R2D4 (r2…
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2017

After having DSL for many years, Verizon installed the 50/50 double play
FIOS yesterday (I got Internet and phone only, no tv nor plan to anytime
soon).  They also provided the Fios G1100 router, but I'd prefer to use
my own.  I currently had a Netgear N300 left over from another use and I
have substituted it in place of their router, but the WiFi speed I'm
getting is only about half of that from the G1100.  Can anyone suggest a
suitable replacement that would allow the same speed as the G1100 and is
not too costly?  Thank you.