How to locate a whole document online when only one page is known

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Subject: How to locate a whole document online when only one page is known
Posted by:  Norm X (someo…
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2017

Hello all,

A problem encountered, may be when only one page of a valuable document, is
the only one at hand. Google provides the answer. Scan the page and submit
its file to Google as documented by Google. My daughter provided me with
scrunched up art picture that originated in the dump. I was able to find the
art circa 1963 in Italy. Thus I was able to provide my daughter with a
Wikipedia article that describe the artist, her work and her life. What my
daughter does with the information is her business.

If you only have one page of a manual, scan it and search with Google.
Google will provide a URL for the whole document which you can download.
This allows you to circumvent the entire register/login process and get what
you need for free. This is illegal, so don't get caught. This may be a tool
used by Wikileaks.

This method might be considered an example of reverse engineering. Reverse
engineering may backfire on you. Let say you work as a reverse engineer and
you do it for industrial espionage. Industrial engineering is legal,
depending on your home address, not your email address. So let's say you
have acquired a portfolio of industrial espionage value. You forward this
teaser information to a potential client. Your client is not as stupid as
you are. The client uses the method described here to acquire whole
documents or entire websites without your participation. You are no longer
in the loop. In fact your client may now have access to restricted nuclear
data, without the risks of Ethel and Julius Rosenburg.

Be cautious and as Google says, don't be evil.