Re: Does more memory require a more powerful fan?

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Subject: Re: Does more memory require a more powerful fan?
Posted by:  Mayayana (mayayana@invalid.nospam)
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2017

"micky" <NONONOmisc…> wrote

| It's already running borderline hot, according to Speccy, but when I put
| in the new RAM I was going to clean out the dust, which I can see
| through the plastic grill on the front of the box.

  Definitely vacuum out the dust. Carefully.
I wonder what you mean by borderline hot.
Different CPUs have different ratings. I've
never heard of RAM being especially sensitive.

  In general, why have a small case with tight
quarters and limited expandabilitiy if you don't
have to? It makes sense for portability. If your
computer stays put then small makes little sense.
And it usually costs more.

  I just use a typical fan in a mid-tower, but the AMD
CPUs I use have had built-in temp control for years
now, and I use a water-cooled heat sink. HWMonitor
tells me I'm currently running at 87F and 76F. I assume
that's CPU and board, respectively. Temp flow around
the two hard disks is in the 60s. (We keep the thermostat
in the low 60s in the Winter.)

  One thing I do with all computers I build: Most
cases these days have holes everywhere. I don't
know why. It seems to be an idea that hotshots
will want about 8 large fans. But that means
arbitrary air flow. I use a single rear fan
and add filters to holes I want to use. Mostly I like
to use the front holes, so that air is drawn across
the board and drives. I also use the side hole across
from the board. The other holes I cover. For filter
material I buy a green pad that's sold as furnace
filter at Home Depot. It comes with plastic grid.
Using plastic ties it's easy to cut any size filter and
grid, then attach it using the ties through case holes.
I then occasionaly vacuum the filter by just running
the vacuum nozzle along the outside
of the case, over the vent holes. That keeps the
inside pretty much dust-free. If you don't use filters
you get a blanket of dust and may also get greasy
residue if smoking or cooking fumes are nearby.


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