Complaint about Microsoft criminal misuse of Telephone system

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Subject: Complaint about Microsoft criminal misuse of Telephone system
Posted by:  Norm X (someo…
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2017

Hi, this complaint is Xposted.

Long ago, I came to the conclusion that Microsoft is sleazy with money. I
needed to cancel a credit card, the only way to terminate recurrent charges.
At one point the Supreme Court under the Sherman Act, was about to spit up
Microsoft into smaller pieces, because of market sleaze

Dec. 26, I sent a letter to MS in Redmond complaining they had spoiled my
Christmas with bad server software that messed up a movie download. I
waited, then decided on interactive Internet chat with a representative.
That went no where. So I finally came around to making a phone call to a MS
number on the web. I talked for maybe 1.5 hours, still no refund. When I set
my phone down, I found four SMS text messages with verification codes.
Because I was talking on the phone I was unable to see SMS text messages,
but I did get many MS verifications on a couple of email addresses. This
nonsense was created by nerds at MS to convince call center ladies something
is wrong with the caller.

The spoofing of IP addresses is wrong. Spoofing of telephone numbers is a
criminal offense. If Microsoft won't give my money back, the least I can do
is to throw some mud in their direction.

The following numbers created by nerds at Microsoft are phony and are
evidence of criminal misbehavior by Microsoft.

+1 361-402-4506

+1 251-444-6537

+1 856-333-2111

+1 667-239-1376

If their are any police from the fraud squad here, please take notice.