Dead HDD

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Subject: Dead HDD
Posted by:  Thip (…
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016

I posted about the Pavilion p6.  I WAS able to get a look at the drive but
couldn't touch any of the files.  So, as a last resort I popped the drive
into my case.  It tried to chkdsk but I bypassed that and booted into
Windows.  I tried a couple rescue utilities, the last one being Clonezilla,
and now I can't get my computer to boot into Windows with the drive plugged
in OR boot with any type of rescue media.  I suspect the drive is completely
dead, but if anyone has a suggestion as to how I might be able to get to the
thing, I'd be grateful.  No, I don't have another circuit board to try or a
portable enclosure that will work with it..