Two computers one keyboard/mouse two VDU

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Subject: Two computers one keyboard/mouse two VDU
Posted by:  Graham Harrison (
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2015

I currently have an old Dell with a Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse
set for which the receiver plugs into a USB port.  It has 2 VDUs
connected using DVI (it could use VGA).  Runs Vista(!)

I'm shortly to acquire a much newer machine which will also have dual
VDU capability using DVI or VGA.  On receipt it will be running Win
8.1 but I plan to upgrade to Win 10.

What I would like to do is continue to use the existing keyborad/mouse
and both VDUs to connect to both computers.  I can find switches to
do that if I only use 1 screen.  Does anyone know of a device that
will allow me to use both screens on both computers?

I am in the UK.