I think I know what killed my 80486... (perhaps it can be revived)

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Subject: I think I know what killed my 80486... (perhaps it can be revived)
Posted by:  Skybuck Flying (skybuck20…@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun, 31 May 2015


A few days ago or so my appartment was further cleaned, and some old
electronics had to go.

I wanted to test if an old monitor would still work, so I connected it to my

To my surprise, my beloved 486 would not turn on...

I was shocked and surprised from all my computers I thought this one would
last for ever.

I wanted to keep it alive and cherish it... it was my first PC.

I ended up connecting the monitor to my pentium to test it.

A few crts had to go there were old, one was dead which I already knew...


I just came home from supermarkt shopping... all lights turn on... cleaning
my appartment a little bit.

And then it suddenly hit me ! (The light that is!)

Suddenly I realized what killed my 80486/PC.

It was the light/lamp on the ceiling that fell down a while ago.

I had to replace light bulbs... and I did not connect it properly, the lamp
I guess...

I tightened it a bit too much... it burst... and then the glass bowl fell
down and hit my pc very hard probably from gravity pulling all the way down.

It hit the tower case of my 80486... on top of the tower was a keyboard...
which probably also reduced the impact somewhat.

I am not exactly sure what's wrong with the 80486, I have not opened it yet.

I suspect the power supply, which was probably a very old cheap one from
china must have bent somehow... or hit something inside.

Turning it on might actually be a life-risk.

I have seen the Pentium 3 power blow out too some time.

I hope it's the power supply that's dead... or even better... just a loose
cable maybe... I doubt it though... might be interesting to see sometime why
a lamp bowl... would cause a PC malfunction... I have no idea what's wrong
with it.

I am not going to open it now... because I don't need the 486 right now...

But maybe sometime in the future !

But you can place your bets for honor right now.

Take a big guess what you think broke it ?!

  Skybuck =D