"List Disk" no longer recognizes thumb drives

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Subject: "List Disk" no longer recognizes thumb drives
Posted by:  pimpom (pimpom@invalid.invalid)
Date: Fri, 22 May 2015

I'm using Windows XP SP3. The instructions for a process I've
used before start out with DISKPART from the command line to prep
a USB flash drive (thumb drive). The first step within Diskpart
is List Disk. The first time I used it, there was no problem and
List Disk listed all available disks including the thumb drive.
That was about a month ago.

Now I can't get any thumb drive to appear on the list.
Unfortunately, in the interim period, I sold the thumb drive I
used on that first occasion. Now I can't list any of the
half-dozen thumb drives I have with me, including one which is
the same model as the one I used before - a Sandisk Extreme USB
3.0. List Disk just shows the SSD and two HDDs in my computer. My
USB ports work just fine for any other job.

Can anyone suggest an explanation? I've bypassed the problem by
using a different approach but I'd still like to know why List
Disk no longer recognizes any thumb drive.