Traveling in Europe (need good WiFi extension for Windows)

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Subject: Traveling in Europe (need good WiFi extension for Windows)
Posted by:  Werner Obermeier (
Date: Thu, 14 May 2015

What is a good wifi extender solution for Windows laptops in Europe?

My college-age daughter is traveling in the summer to visit old-school
relatives in Europe who are still on dialup, but they live next door to
my sister in law who owns the apartment next door with basic WiFi but it
has a very weak signal at the grandparents location.

My inlaws (her grandparents) are fine with dialup access, but she (my
daughter) will be bored to death if she has no laptop wifi access without
visiting my sister-in-law in law next door (which is effort, especially
since she is working while the grandparents are pensioners).

My daughter's phone is T-Mobile, which has 2G wifi access in Europe,
which is dog slow, and which is not complete and it's not a laptop

So, I'm trying to work out a good solution for the Windows laptop.
Maybe a router for the apartment?
Maybe a wifi extender for the computer?

Is there something I can plug into her laptop which will give her much
better access to the weak signal from my brother's router in the next
apartment over?

Or, is there something I can leave with the grandparents, like a router
which will pick up and amplify and repeat the signal from next door?

The SSID and password aren't the problem.
The problem is getting a better signal strength.
The distance is about 20 meters through thick concrete walls.

I won't be there to set it up, but I'm looking for a good device to have
my daughter pack on the trip to Europe to extend the wifi range of the
laptop any way we can.Traveling in Europe (need good WiFi extension for