Can't Get Audio On This Pavillion 700

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Subject: Can't Get Audio On This Pavillion 700
Posted by:  rog…
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2014

Before I give up, I thought I'd at least ask what anyone might think
is wrong here.

I am trying to resurrect this HP Pavilion 700 System # P8564A.
Only had to download and install two drivers, audio and video to
satisfy Device Manager.  Specifically 'sp35461.exe' for audio and
'sp26446.exe' for video.  The audio driver is said to be 'Realtek AC97
WDM Audio Driver by HP'.

I have VLC V2.1.3  and MediaPlayer Classic V6.4.9.0  installed.
Neither will produce sound from an audio CD of .cda  files that I know
has good music on it.  VLC  shows the tracks playing with no audio,
but Media Classic only shows a warning window that in brief says:

Could not render some of the pins in the graph,  you may not have the
needed codecs or filters installed on the system.
Audio Switcher:: Out
Media Type 0.

and a button that says 'look for codecs on the net'.  Which I tried
without success - may be my fault on that.

Anyway, I am wondering if the on-board audio is bad.  If so, I am
wasting  my time.  The BIOS shows audio to be enabled.


Big Fred