Video Fail - New Type For Me

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Subject: Video Fail - New Type For Me
Posted by:  John McGaw (nobo…@nowh.ere)
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014

I've been building, using, and fixing computers for longer than dirt has
been around. I finally diagnosed a new (to me) failure mode in my elderly
ATI HD 5770 that had been slowly annoying me to death. What would happen,
intermittently, was that what I'll call confetti would appear on the
screen. Most of the time it was just one or two stray dots that would
disappear if I dragged the object containing them, thus forcing a refresh.
Over what must be a year I ran every diagnostic I could find, reseated
cards, checked power supply voltages, and re-installed drivers. Finally the
problem got much worse when I would try to play back a video other than
Flash in any application I had installed. Eventually it got to the point
that a hard reboot was needed to recover most of the time.

I finally 'pulled my head out' and got a new ATI video card to test with
and the problems went away. It just goes to show that even someone with
decades of experience can overlook the obvious -- video cards don't just
die, they get sick too.