Hard drive issue

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Subject: Hard drive issue
Posted by:  Eidelmaim (Eidelmaim.62j8xn@no.email.invalid)
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013

Hey friends, been a while since i had to ask for help but here i am

Ok so here is the problem : i have 2 Seagate hard drives, both at
160gb each, these used to be in a raid 5 with 2 more of the same drive
(4 total drives in the raid) i recently broke the raid up because i went
to SSD's for OS and important applications and am now using 2 drives
with no problem for storage, the other 2 that i am having the problem
with is this : windows reports a cyclic redundancy check error and is
reporting each drive as having 298.10gb of storage when in fact they are
not that size. i have no data of importance that needs to be recovered
from these drives so any kind of data destructive repair is ok. i can
not run a chkdsk on these drives as windows will not assign a drive
letter, disk management is unable to format the drives. these drives are
just shy of a year old. i am needing these drives to do a new OS install
to replace a completely failed drive in a laptop.

So there it is, my problem. if there is a solution i am all for it
if not i will have to RMA these things i guess.

Thanks in advanced for any insight any of you may have.