Flollow-up Re: help - troubleshooting network connection

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Subject: Flollow-up Re: help - troubleshooting network connection
Posted by:  Yes (noone@invalid.invalid)
Date: Fri, 31 May 2013

Just to let all of you who posted that, after all the effort, my
desktop has resumed connecting.  Just before I was about to leave to go
to one of the local stores looking for a NIC card.

I tried one last thing - pulling the plug on the router and
disconnecting the power to my desktop and letting them sit awhile.
After plugging them both back into the electrical outlets, my desktop
finally connected to the router.  Long live Murphy, right?

So I'll keep an eye out for a good price on a NIC card when NewEgg puts
them on sale again and probably buy one to keep on hand as a precaution.

Thanks for everyone's help.  I learned a few things about networks and
routers - actually more than I will probably remember because this
problem just doesn't happen often enough and I can hope at least that
it won't repeat itself.




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