help - troubleshooting network connection, possible replacement controller card

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Subject: help - troubleshooting network connection, possible replacement controller card
Posted by:  John (inval…
Date: Wed, 29 May 2013

This afternoon I booted up my desktop, but it would not connect to the
internet.  I think the problem is with the mobo (Asus A4M89GTD PrO/USB

I have the AT&T 2Wire Residential Gateway router for use with U Verse.
My o/s is Win XP 3, SP3 fully patched.  Everything was working fine
yesterday.  Today the system reports a failed connection, but the
troubleshooting wizard reports everything fine.  The icons shown in
Hardware Device Manager look OK (no yellow highlights or question

First test was to restart my desktop as a check.  Same problem.

Next, using CLI, I succesfully pinged localhost and  However,
I received "unable to reach" messages when I pinged my ISP's DNS server

My last test was to hook up my laptop to the Gateway device.  I had no
problem pinging either localhost, or

Therefore, I conclude the problem is on the desktop mobo.

Is there anything else I should check?  Is there any reasonable chance
that the problem is not hardware failure on my mobo.

If it is reasonable to assume that the problem is the hardware on my
mobo, will buying a controller card provide a workaround for my problem
(internet access by way of the AT&T Residential Gateway router).

If so, are there any brands that work well or conversely are there any
brands that should be avoided?  My experience with TrendNet, for
example, makes me want to avoid them.

Is there anything particular I should look for in the features listed
for a controller card - either as desirable or to be avoided?