Trying to Resurrect a laptop - Need advice

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Subject: Trying to Resurrect a laptop - Need advice
Posted by:  w…
Date: Sat, 25 May 2013

I have a Inspiron 8200 laptop that I thought to make work.  It was
missing its hard drive (and caddy), as well as Ram and Ethernet card.
I thought it might  be easy because I already had in my parts bins all
except a hard drive caddy and connector, which I quickly ordered
cheaply on Ebay.  I have determined that all is fine EXCEPT the hard
drive is not recognized.  I have  tried two hard drives that I already
have.  Both  IDE.  Neither is  recognized (so says the BIOS).

Since the battery takes a charge, and I have the adapter to do it, I
still would like make this Inspiron  go.  But maybe I am kidding
myself.  Maybe both of my hard drives are no good, as they were
recovered from other laptops, but right now I have no way to determine