Building MSR into the cpu code ...

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Subject: Building MSR into the cpu code ...
Posted by:  bymyfault (comitt…
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012

First of, having been pleased being back on this group, i have a found and =
touching experiences having been on this group always :)

where does processor code resides ? is that some chip like a bios chip on t=
he motherboard ? any info on that one ?

then, i have been reading some of Intel precious articles about MSR-Intelsp=
eed step and i did understood from them that on CPU's which do not have EIS=
T implemented as a code(i guess), that it could be inputed by a little code=
of MSR... That would not have to be hardcoding but simple understand and u=
se sort of code. If that's the case is there any advices or procedure on to=
how to do just ththat, to implement it ? (i know that the motherboard have=
to be compatible, and to have the same thing sorted out, but i would agree=
on the TIP that it's possible to put a code for EIST for CPU or the code w=
hich is simulating original EIEIST...=20

CPU IS: 2.8Ghz 478 Northwood cPU 533mhz FSB Revision: D1 Stepping: 9

What else would be great to look prior to looking for the compatible CODE?