laptop lcd to moniter

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Subject: laptop lcd to moniter
Posted by:  waheedkab (
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2012

i got a loptop dell inspiron 7000 dosenot wprk anymore but the lcd is
still in good shape. I disassemble it it got an inverter in it.
i was wondering if i could turn it into a moniter.
i saw an ad on ebay for a a collection of wires and inverter and a db 15
conector circuit but i cant buy it because i'm in syria.
i would like to build something easy.
i know that lcd of laptops take digital signal but moniter not
what about dvi conector?
the lcd is samsung lt150x2-124
other numbers on the back
numbers on the inverter dp/n 0009286c rev.a01
i posted this in another section i didnot where to post this