Scanner drivers for Windows 7

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Subject: Scanner drivers for Windows 7
Posted by:  GT (..@b.c)
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012

I've an Acer 1240ut flatbed scanner that I've used for years with WindowsXP.
The scanner and software combination is perfect and necessary for my
business work - the ScanButton software can scan groups of receipts and save
them as a single A4 PDF page.This means I can then print copies when
required at the original size without configuring anything.

I have read lots of people on the web complaining that their scanners don't
work in Windows7 and I don't see any forums with a solution! I have now
joined these ranks as I've upgraded my home/business PC (to a 3570k, 16gb,
win7 etc) and the scanner doesn't work.

Just wondered if anyone in here has managed to get an old, but good scanner
working in Windows 7.

I believe the Acer 1240ut has more recently taken on the BenQ brand logo if
that means anything to anyone, but this hasn't helped my driver search!

Any pointers?