Looking or info on my computer hardware

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Subject: Looking or info on my computer hardware
Posted by:  Dave (db51…@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012

Was going to replace the failing hard drive, and bought an IDE replacement
on the advice of someone I can no longer remember.  Now it doesn't look like
the drive that is in there.  It has what looks like a 40-pin SCSI connector,
and the drive in my Compaq SR1522X has a small connector that fits over an
edge connector about the size of a USB port.  Looks like it has 10 or 12
contacts on the top and bottom of the edge connector.  Is this a SATA
device?  How can I find out what I am actually trying to replace?  Used to
repair mini-systems in a business environment, and PCs are a whole new
experience for me.  My background and strength is electronics, but I am
willing to takle anything.  Would greatly appreciate any advice or
assistance anyone has to offer.

Many thanks,