Acer X223W monitor problem

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Subject: Acer X223W monitor problem
Posted by:  Retired (seni…@nursinghome.nat)
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2012

I long ago adopted this Acer X223W monitor for use in my shop.
It ran on my main computer for a year, My main computer is:
Motherboard - Intel DP55KG
CPU - Intel Core i7 K 875 @ 2.93Ghz
Memory - 8 Gb (3.49 Gb in XP)
Video - NVidia  GeForce 210 (512)
Dual-boot  Windows 7 Premium 64 bit, XP Pro SP3.
I got something better and retired the Acer to my shop. My problem now is
that I am occassionly running into situations where I get an "input not
supported" message. Some of them will work in safe mode but not in normal
mode. Right now I have a Sony Vaio that will work in normal mode but will
fail in safe mode.. In XP when you run safe mode and get all that text, it
gets down to mup.sys the screen goes black and up pops "input not
supported". So I have an old crt Viewsonic that measures 16" diagonally and
weighs about a ton that has never failed to handle any kind of resolution.
However it doesn't do DVI,
I want to buy me a reasonable sized flat screen monitor that will handle
anything you throw at it. I'm sure I'll be able to sell the Acer to someone
who it works for,
So does anyone have a monitor to recommend that is very versatile and will
handle most any kind of resolution?, This Acer is 22" but I would settle
for less if that's what it takes.
That tonner has got to go. A high school senior carried it up my steps to
trade on a flat screen. I'd happily give it to Good Will if I could get
anyone to get it there for me... :-)

-- I'm retired. I was tired yesterday. I'm tired again today --