Compaq Presario 1260 Question

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Subject: Compaq Presario 1260 Question
Posted by:  Frederick (rog…
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012

I have inherited an old Compaq Presario 1260 laptop.  I want to bring
it up to current and give it to my son.

It boots fine except for a dead motherboard battery which I will try
to replace later.  But now, I want to install XP on  it, as it has W98

The laptop has a disk drive, but it doesn't seem to want to open
consistently.  The OS says the drive (or the disk in it) is not
available.  I plugged in an external USB disk drive, and it says the
same thing, even with the XP install disk in the drive.  The drive
does not want to open consistently either.  I tested the external
drive in a desktop I have and it works just fine.

So I am wondering - is it a USB power problem?  My external drive (LG)
does not have its own power supply as do some.  So it would have to
pick up power from the laptop USB itself.  BTW, the laptop is plugged
into AC.

Anything I can do?  Besides punt?

Thank you

Big Fred