Bootable XP USB?

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Subject: Bootable XP USB?
Posted by:  Ape (Tarz…@Plaanet.Edu)
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012

I have a  ScanDisk Cruzer Blade USB FLASH DRIVE - 8GB.

I want to make it a bootable XP USB drive.  I have not been successful
at all, using 'pe2usb' primarily.  My Googling tells me that there is
a known problem trying to do this with USB drives over 2GB.

Is that true?
Has anyone been successful?
If so, how?  What did you use?

I thought this was a great idea - purpose to preserve my original XP
install capability.  I have already had two XP installation CDs fail
from simply sitting on the shelf.


The Apeman