a ram memory question - what happens when

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Subject: a ram memory question - what happens when
Posted by:  tritoneÅ¡ećera
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012

what happenswhen motherboard specifiction has specified that memory
frequency supported are: 533mhz and 667mhz but along the one module of
1GB 667mhy we install 1GB 800mhz modulewhich  works and is
"compatible" ,  technically speaking what happens ?

i know it has to dowith the oscilator oscilating of frequencies but i
can^t find the reasonable technically written text about what is being
done with putting twomemory modules of a different frequencies side-by-

am looking for a more complicated explanation than "it isworking"

so are the chips somehow streched or  what...

iknow some modules have been made in the manner to be compatible with
the lower frequencies thentheir upmost is  800mhz -> 667mhz  so these
are clearer for a user tocomprehend as they were adjusted for
compatibility with the lower frequency  at the factory which has
produced  them.

the questionis about the modules  whichdo not have factory made (or
not specified) capability to adjust to lower freqeuncy also, but they
do work on that lower freqency.  Ihave a thiny black hore, what is
lowering the frequency if it is not being lowered automaticly, when
the possible setting is being recognized by an automatism, and is it
harmfulll for the chip, if somekind of forced streching of module-
chips is happening  !????