Palette Shifting Craziness on Laptop Screen

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Subject: Palette Shifting Craziness on Laptop Screen
Posted by:  Grinder (
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011

I have an Inspiron 1545 that suffering an odd video problem:

1) On startup (pre-desktop) the screen can be very jittery, but the
color is mostly good.

2) After the desktop appears, it is filled with patches of wavy
static--it looks like that for *some* colors, the palette is constantly
shifting.  Other parts of the screen appear to be stable.

3) Opening a window on the desktop produces a mostly stable image,
although some portions of the new window will have that same wavy
static.  It looks like photos are more susceptible to the static than
solid colored backgrounds with text.

4) Booting from a Linux boot livecd produces the same output as
described above.

5) Hooking up an external monitor produces good clean video.

So, I'm include to conclude:

a) It's a hardware problem.

b) More specifically, in either the flat panel, or the inverter.

Does anyone care to hazard a more specific guess as to what component is
bad?  I can get the whole top half of the laptop off of eBay for about
$120, but would prefer to replace a $20 inverter if that's the likely

Thanks for your consideration.