Dell XPS 8300 christmas morning crash

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Subject: Dell XPS 8300 christmas morning crash
Posted by:  sw (baddad3…
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011

We ordered an xps 8300. It was received a couple of weeks ago and this
morning when I went to plug it in, I received the message..."reboot
and select proper boot device, or insert boot media in selected boot
device and press key". There is NO operating system disc included with
the boxes, only 2 discs, one a black device driver disc and one, a
grey device driver disc included with the monitor.

I was on the  phone with tech support for at least 2 hrs this morning.
No solution was reached. A tech support is, I hope, scheduled to
contact us in the next couple of days, armed with new hard drives, to
restore the system.

However, because one of the discs allowed me to get into dos mode, I
was able to dir the c drive. It's showing only 36mb with alot of dos
type programs like format, etc. The tech support explained to me the
RAID system being used to address the 2  750 gig hard drives. At one
point, we went to the bios setup and under the advanced tab, system
configuration, , changed from AHCI, to RAID. This still didn't solve
the problem. I can't help thinking that, perhaps the bios needs
upgrading as the tech support kept asking me whether the "RAID" option
I tried was RAID 0 or RAID 1.

Im happy to have the tech support come

in, but I am equally prepared to flash bios the thing if it requires
upgrade to recognize raid type systems.

Suggestions would be appreciated.