CF Flash Card Error Code 0004

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Subject: CF Flash Card Error Code 0004
Posted by:  Frederick (rog…
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011

Not OT I hope.

I have an old AOL Photocam Plus camera that seems to work quite well.
It has a USB connector to facilitate picture uploads to PC USB (in my
case XP SP3).  Problem is - it did not work because that process
requires that the pictures being transferred seem to need to be done
from the camera memory card which is a CF flash card.  I did not have
same, so I bought a Qmemory 2GB CF card just to test the process.

I cannot get uploading to work that way either.  In fact, when I load
the card into the camera's slot for it, the camera display immediately
displays the message 'error code 0004'.  I have found that error
message in some Google searching, but all the posts I find are Wii SD
card related, and I cannot connect those problems to what I am seeing.

So, anyone have this camera?  If so, have you had this problem?  Can
you suggest anything I can try before I pitch the camera?