HP Pavillion a712n desktop problem

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Subject: HP Pavillion a712n desktop problem
Posted by:  Rboats (Rboats.54g5q5@no.email.invalid)
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011

How to remove on/off button and troubleshoot or replace. Currently it
sticks when pushed in, it would sometimes pop back to regular "on"
postion and power up and process..now it will power up but won't
processs, sometimes get the error screen that that starts the countdown
to start in normal mode but after countdown to zero..nothing happens,,
I'm not a comp wiz but a all around DIY'er with everything else so now
it's computer time. Just don't want to destroy any components while
trouble shooting. Think I just need to replace On/OFF button. Any help
greatly appreciated. Thanks,Randy