Phone line to computer

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Subject: Phone line to computer
Posted by:  Retired (seni…@nursinghome.nat)
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011

Years (about 30) ago I remember rigging a wire to run from my phone line to
a microphone jack. One wire went direct and the other had a capacitor and a
resistor in series with it. I had to experiment getting the right
resistance and capacitence but I finally got it right. At the time I was
feeding it to a tape recorder. I'd like to have one that I could just plug
in a modern modular phone jack on one end and a jack on the other end to
plug into my mike jack on my computer. I don't even have a soldering iron
anymore, much less a collection of resistors and capacitors. Surely someone
makes something like that. I've Googled and all I can come up with are
fancy boxes that will connect through USB ports and other such stuff
ranging anywhere from 80 to 150 dollars.

Someone probably has a cord for 5 or 10 dollars that will do exactly what I
want. But so far I haven't been able to locate one.

Maybe I'm not wording my Google searches properly. Radio Shack used to have
stuff like that (30 years ago). Any ideas?

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