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Subject: Re: crypted disk
Posted by:  Paul (
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011

g.bon wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been asked to install a crypted hard disk drive on a Windows computer.
> I thought about an internal Sata HDD or an external HDD (USB or esata).
> So, do you think it will make the computer slower ?
> Any advice on what hardware to choose ?
> Thanks,
> GB

With the hardware based solution, decryption is handled by the
disk drive itself, leading to little impact on performance. The
chip on the disk drive, decrypts data as fast as the drive can
read it.

The problem is the implementation details. How do you set one up ?
Can you actually buy the FDE drive at a retail store ?
Does the computer need special properties (such as support
for prompting for a password before boot) ? I haven't
really seen a practical "howto" about this. All I see
are confusing articles like the two in Wikipedia.

These schemes have been delivered in business computers, as
a pre-configured solution. Now, the challenge is, how
do we get them into *any* computer on demand ?


If you use a software based solution, then the decryption
stage is presumably done by the CPU. An example might be

Another example is Truecrypt.

No scheme is prefect, but the FDE has some advantages in
terms of encrypting everything. The software based schemes
have a few more exposures than the hardware based ones.



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