Acer - Hidden partion PQService

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Subject: Acer - Hidden partion PQService
Posted by:  OdlDevelop (oidel…
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011

Good evening, I got a problem with a Acer Power F5 desktop. In the pc
there=92s Windowx xp installed and due to viruses probably, it=92s not
going to boot anymore. I=92d like to format the c partition and
reinstall all the software but I can=92t launch the recovery procedure
pressing Alt and F10 keys. I think I lost the original dvd for system
recovery. I checked with Ubuntu and I still can see the hidden
partition PQService and I=92m wondering if I can burn is some way the
files and folder I got inside the PQService partition and use the
fresh made dvd for restore the factory system inside my pc. I can copy
without any problem the data contained inside the hidden partition
but, can I burn those files? Do I have to create a particular dvd?
Could you please help me? Thank you, best regards