Re: Hard drive activity lights on case front.

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Subject: Re: Hard drive activity lights on case front.
Posted by:  Paul (
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011

John wrote:
> Do they normally only work if the hard drive is connected to SATA port
> #1 or #2. Without thinking I connected the hard drive & DVD to ports 3 &
> 4 and so far haven't seen the lights work even after reversing the light
> wiring connection at the motherboard.
> Thanks,
> John

I checked the ICH7 datasheet (close to 850 pages), and
it appears the SATALED# signal should respond to either
two IDE hard drives or four SATA drives. The SATA is controlled
by one logic block, so doesn't suggest there should be a
separate behavior for the pairs of ports.

There's got to be an explanation of some sort, but I
can't figure it out. The chips are well tested at the
Intel factory, so it's not likely to be a chip issue.

Leave the LED in the orientation that it blinks. Double
check the manual, and make sure it's plugged to HD+ and HD-
pins. As "Jan" suggests, your panel wiring harness, may have a
dominant color (like half the wires are white), and then those
white wires would be on the (-) leg of the panel LED. The (-)
leg of the LED would go to HD-. The dominant wire color, is
likely to be the (-) side of LEDs.

Intel has a number of modes for their chipsets, including
IDE (compatible), IDE (enhanced), AHCI, RAID. But if one
of those modes was a contributing factor, then port 3 and
port 4 not only wouldn't have flashed, they wouldn't have
worked. Since your non-flashing ports work, that likely
rules out a BIOS mode issue.



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