Laptop Lcd image stretched

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Subject: Laptop Lcd image stretched
Posted by:  Chryne (
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011

I recently damaged the screen for my Acer Aspire 7730, and ordered a
replacement screen after testing for a desktop picture on an external

After fitting my screen however, I discovered that the screen picture
appears to be stretched so I only see one side of the desktop. There is
also a strip at the bottom of the screen repeats the very top of my

Also, the resolution is stuck at 1280x800 when it should be at least
1440x900; moving the sliders from the Display settings in the CP shows a
max of 1280x800.

(Update-connecting a hd tv and then reinstalling drivers seems to fix
the problem.

However if its left turned off long enough, it reverts back to
stretched, which includes my acer boot logo.)

Help please?