Laptop keyboard - uneven wear

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Subject: Laptop keyboard - uneven wear
Posted by:  Skeleton Man (inval…
Date: Sat, 9 May 2009

Hi all,

I'm have this HP HDX notebook for about a month, and already the keys are
starting to wear out. The "f" key takes about twice as much pressure as the
rest of the keyboard. I had this same problem with my previous dell laptop -
it got to a point where about 6 different keys (especially f and s) would
take more pressure to operate than the rest of the keyboard.

This is very annoying because it means when typing a sentance, I have to
either slow down and remember to hit the 'F' harder, or go back and correct
all the missing letters.

My desktop has a wirless microsoft keyboard that I bought over 5 years ago,
and every key works as well as the day I bought it!

Is this a common problem in laptop keyboards ? I'm guessing it has something
to do with the properties of the silicone pads ?