Question about PSU's

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Subject: Question about PSU's
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Date: Sat, 02 May 2009

I bought a new bare-bones system some two months ago, and have blown
two new 400W PSU's now.  I think I need to go for a stronger PSU.

I notice my M3A78-CM motherboard has a larger so-called 4PX20
connection plus another separate 4P square connection.

I pulled one of my old PSU's out of the close that has just a 20pin
connector and the separate 4P.  I connected it to the motherboard and
things are running fine.  So I guess I can go with this until I get a
new PSU.

But I have two questions.
1) What calamity am I apt to suffer because I have left the one 4P
connector (on the 4PX20) open?
2) What spec do I look for as I shop for a replacement stronger (say,
600W) PSU?  I want to be sure the new PSU has both the 4P connectors.