Resizing Disk Partition

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Subject: Resizing Disk Partition
Posted by:  Roy (roybas…
Date: Fri, 1 May 2009

Hello guys
I am planning to modify / resize both the C and D drive from 30/70 to
40/60. There is a 5 % of the C drive space taken by the recovery
files. The HDD space is size is 100 Gig and the empty space is just
barely 4 gigs for the C drive and would like to extend that by
reducing the space of the D .
Does anybody here have experienced in resizing partition with any
partition tools like  for example Easus partition master. ?
The direction given by the user=92s manual is  just concise with no
explanation aside from  pulling the slider  from either sides.
Can somebody give me more explanation how does this work?
I tested  it but I can=92t increase the size of the C drive by doing