Pride comes before a fall. Ask Dustin.

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Subject: Pride comes before a fall. Ask Dustin.
Posted by:  Jax (
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2014

Dustin <abughunt…> wrote:
> One of BD's monkeys thought Poohs work was elegant; prior to Pooh
> discovering a bug in the math functions. He worked around that and is
> trying to take credit for a fix that has been done before. I responded
> to his fix with my explanation . What he did was only more efficient.
> Pooh needs to learn to watch that liar comment; It's biting him in the
> arse pretty good now.

Dustin pride comes before a fall. No one knows that better than you.

You lost the argument about DNSbenchmark. Now you have lost the arguement
about Exevalid which is a program you wrote!

That's one each to Billy and Pooh Cat. You scored nothing. Billy and Pooh
Cat are competing to see who can whup you again. Just saying.  :)