Dusty admits in private on scorched earth that EXEVALID is *SLOPPY* and *INACCURATE*

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Subject: Dusty admits in private on scorched earth that EXEVALID is *SLOPPY* and *INACCURATE*
Posted by:  p-0''0-h the cat (ES) (super.pooh@furryfreeware.invalid)
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2014

Message-ID: <XnsA319D20254699C9X238BHEUFHHI5RJ7…@>

"BTW, There is *another* way to ensure the number isn't going to go
negative without using ABS, and I've already posted a little demo source
program that explains how you'd do it. Incidently, that allows for more
accuracy and it's cleaner. EXEVALID is doing it the "sloppy" way."

So there you have it ACF. This program which *deletes files* is
inaccurate and sloppy.

Yes, we know that Dustin. See my previous post. Thanks for telling us.

ACF calls for a full disclosure of the issues, its implications and
mitigations so this can be checked thoroughly by Pooh the cat and
Dave@gchq a.k.a Jax bear [Security professionals] who first uncovered
the flaw.

Until this has been fully investigated and patched our advice is

            *** DO NOT USE THIS UTILITY! ***

p-0.0-h the cat

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