Can anyone ID or decode this javascript? (Feb 17 / 2014)

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Subject: Can anyone ID or decode this javascript? (Feb 17 / 2014)
Posted by:  Virus Guy (Viru…@Guy. com)
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014

The following link was contained in a spam email.  It probably tries to
trigger a browser exploit of some sort, so handle this with care:


The server responds with this:

<html><body><script type="text/hello">ykzjr1="\x30";

Just in case the above would have executed for some readers, I replaced
"javascript" with "hello" on the first line.  The above would have given
this news server a "line too long" error, so I broke the line after the
";" in various locations (if it matters).

What does that script decode to, or try to do?

Is there an on-line javascript decoder that would have processed the
above and given some sort of report or decoded result?

VT URL scan gives 2 / 53 in terms of detection as a malicious site
(based on IP / domain of URL and not on contents or files returned?)

VT scan on "sensors.php" returns 2 / 50:

Avast  JS:Redirector-BOX [Trj]
Ikarus  JS.Redirector

Another URL from another recent spam: