How To Remove McAfee Off New Computer

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Subject: How To Remove McAfee Off New Computer
Posted by:  Diane LeMasson (dianelemass…
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2014

I do not want to use McAfee (ver: 12.8). What is the best & easiest way
to delete it off my new computer? I have done some researching on it &
what I've found scares me so far.
My OS is Windows 8.1, my browser is IE 10, which I'm learning how to
maneuver around.
What I've read, removing it from Add/Remove does not remove the whole
program. Causing some conflicts with other software & or computer
crashes. Using their clean-up tool sometimes doesn't work as it should.
I could be nervous for nothing but it doesn't hurt to come here to ask
just to make sure I do everything correctly.
Thank you for all your help.