Just got windows computer and wondered what the status of AV was currently?

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Subject: Just got windows computer and wondered what the status of AV was currently?
Posted by:  Hugo Ripanykhazov (licensedtoqui…@gmail.com)
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013

Been using Mac and Linux for a few years and was just given a new computer =
with Windows 8 on it.  A few days after I started using it, I was told to u=
pdate my McAfee security, I watched closely to make sure I wasnt being sold=
something or asked to agree to anything and it does seem that McAfee was p=
re-installed.  I am aware of the scary stories out there about what McAfee =
does at the end of your year's subscription to ensure that you pay them a n=
ew subscription fee.

Suddenly, MaAfee started warning me about some completely harmless site it =
has blocked, actually it was WNLY (CBS) in New York (risky connection block=
ed  McAfee told me to go to some site to check what it had b=
locked. I did and everything it told me looked completely harmless. All it =
said was 'we think this is high risk'.  But mysteriously I have some additi=
onal tool bar (mixidj or something??) which I didnt want or need or DEFINIT=
ELY agree to!  And this being Chrome, I cant get rid of it easily, which is=
obnoxious.  And I am not completely convinced about the absolute invincibi=
lity of McAfee because suddenly I got a pop up ad appearing its own window =
under whatever I was browsing. I do plan to get an updated HOSTS file from =
MVPS.ORG and figure out how to install it in Windows 8.=20

I am suspicious now and want to know, is this McAfee trying to make itself =
look indispensable? Should I uninstall it or does it perform any useful pur=
pose? I don't normally visit any dangerous sites but am aware that some sor=
t of av may be necessary if malware has infiltrated some innocuous site. I =
dont want McAfee to make me neurotic about surfing the internet