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Subject: Not enough memory, etc.
Posted by:  Li'l Abner (blvs…
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010

Over the last month or two, I have had two of my computers which after
running a day or so will start popping up error messages like "Insufficient
system resources", "There is not enought memory to run this program", "not
enough resources" and other similar messages. The graphics start to
deteriorate and if I don't get shut down fast, I wind up having to do a
power down. I just built a brand new computer and it did it right from the
OK, so obviously it is something software related, or is it?
I have now had two customers bring in computers doing the exsact same thing
and another who has called me with the problem.
Could this be a virus? All my computers and the two customers' computers
have come up clean.
I find it strange that this problem appears to be popping up all over just
in the last month or so.
Now I'm usually not a sucker for such things, but I did "bite" on an
applicationj called "RamSmash" for $11.95 and installed it on my main
computer here and so far it seems to be working. "Frees up wasted memory"
is part of their promotion. Microsoft also has a "FixItNow" routine for
leaking memory which I have installed on my other computer and on the two
customer's computers. There hasn't been enough time yet to determine if it
helped any.
This will most likely be considered off topic in here, but if the problem
is widespread then I'm sure that others in this group have heard of it even
though it might not be virus related.
Then again, it *might* be.

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