Got hit with Alureon.A

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Subject: Got hit with Alureon.A
Posted by:  Ike (
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010

MBR was fubbared.

Not very happy with the wife. I told her to NEVER play the free online
games. She ignored my warning and was playing a game online. She saw
an email from our attorney, stopped the game and tried to open the
PDF. The PDF locked up her system and when she rebooted it was stuck
in a continuous loop. So it came from the game site or from the PDF.
I'm not going to try opening the PDF myself to see if it was the
source. It comes up clean with MSSE.

Now I am spending my Saturday restoring her PC.  It's a royal PITA.

She is VERY apologetic. I plan to use that to my advantage tonight. ;)