McAfee and Internet connection.

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Subject: McAfee and Internet connection.
Posted by:  Steel (Fake99XX1199999fake…@(Big)(Steel)
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010

MacAfee has some kind of protocol installed on the network cards on my
Vista and Win 7 machines at work. The machines are having all kind of
connection problems to sites, with 'page cannot be displayed'. There are
XP machines that can go to the same sites,  and they have no problems.

I have a Vista machine at home, and I use Nod32. The machine has no
protocol installed on its network card by Nod32,  and it also has no
problems connecting to sites.

I have issued Netsh winsock reset on the machines, and I have also
issued ipconfig /dnsflush which have not corrected the problems. I have
run diagnostic tools that show no connectivity problems. Users who have
the Vista or Win 7 machines report the same issues. Those I have talked
to about the connection issues have the same problems.

So can MacAFee be causing connection issues like this? A page may work
onetime, and you come back to the same page and no go. Some sites and
their pages just wont work at all.