Opinions on Avast???

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Subject: Opinions on Avast???
Posted by:  Hurricane Andrew (hurricane.andr…@att.net)
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003

Just recently started using Avast's free home edition and it seems to be a
nice product.  At least recent tests seem to indicate that it's fairly
reliable, and thus far I am pleased with the product.  It does seem to cause
a slower shutdown on WinXP SP1, roughly 30-45 second delay from pre-Avast.
I'm not overly concerned about virus protection for the installation I'm
using it on since it's essentially a testing/fooling around install and not
my main "everyday" installation.  In short, I don't check POP e-mail on it,
though I do check Yahoo and Hotmail accounts with it.

I was just curious as to others' opinions of the product from a reliabilty /
resource / compatibility standpoint.  I still use Norton on my main
installation, and will continue to do so at least in the near term, but was
looking for a free alternative as a backup (and potential total replacement)
and Avast seems to fit the bill nicely.  Any thoughts or comments welcome...