Hard disk problem

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Subject: Hard disk problem
Posted by:  Bruno Lefebvre (bru.lefebv…@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003

Here is a strange story :
I am on win98. From the noise I heard, it was as if the power saving always
wanted to stop the hard disk, but then the hard disk fighted to work again.
I could use my comp almost normaly, except that sometimes there was some
"discontinuity" in the software working, so I lost some speed.
The next day, when I switched my comp on, the boot record on C was not found
The only thing I could do to start the comp, was to use a win98 disk in the
a: drive
It detected that C does not contain any valid FAT or FAT32 partition.
Win 98 advised me to run FDISK, but I am afraid it will delete all data on
my disk.
What do you think I should do ? do you think it may be a virus, or a hard
disk crash ?
Thanks in advance for all kind of information or usefull web site on the

Remark : apparently the C: drive is not recognised anymore