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Subject: Probably OT ??
Posted by:  Mel Smith (med_cutout_synt…
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2012


    -    I run three non-commercial web sites (very low activity) from my
home office.
    -    My router is a D-link Model Name: DIR-825
    -    My main (and currently only) server is an older Dell Desktop using
Win XP Pro and running Apache 2.22
    -    I wish to test-run a backup server on a new 64-bit ASUS Laptop
running Win 7 Home-Premium.
    -    I wish to switch back and forth between the two servers and test
how things work (or don't work).
    -    I have another Desktop PC (Win XP Pro) on my local network with the
two other machines I just mentioned.
    -    My range of local IPs is from thru

    -    How do I *quickly* switch back and forth between the two alternate
servers ?

    -    I *would like* to have the *same* local IP for each of the servers,
but I don't know how to force the assignment of an IP on each the servers.
That is, I don't understand the options when I enter:
            C:\>  ipconfig /?

        But I assume that there is a set of arguments for me to make *both*
server machines as  ??

    -    And I know that each machine on a local network has to have its own
unique IP -- but I will ensure that each of the server machines is only
turned on and active after the other is turned off.

    -    Of course, the alternate way is to address the router
(, and make the annoying changes there (passwords, and
trying to understand the graphical portion of the password entry system,
etc). This really bugs me, and is painful.

    So, how do I *force* my choice of local IP addresses, please ?

Thanks for any guidance/suggestions offered.

-Mel Smith