Can't get SSI to work

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Subject: Can't get SSI to work
Posted by:  Bruce Bowler (bbowl…
Date: 20 Aug 2012

Relative newbie here (but I'm sure that'll be obvious soon enough :-)

I used to manage a machine (2+ years ago) that ran centos and apache.
That machine has been replaced by one running ubunto and apache2.  On the
old machine, <-- #include directives "just worked".  Now I can't seem to
get them to work to save my life.

I've enabled mod_include.
I've added Options +Include to my httpd.conf.
I've restarted apache

No love.  No errors, no warnings, no mention of anything in access or
error logs.

Any ideas most appreciated.  It's a private machine behind a firewall so
even "insecure" suggestions welcome.