How to make Apache allow an executable to run?

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Subject: How to make Apache allow an executable to run?
Posted by:  thejustpa…
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012

Hey guys,=20

I am just wondering what I can do in this situation.=20
I have this simple web page, through which I want to invoke a program that =
leaves a file on site.=20
For your information, this web page itself can write (it saves uploaded fil=
es in a specific location in the server).
But the problem is that when I invoke the program via the web page, it does=
n't produce a file in the same specific location the web page succeeded to =
leave a file.=20

Simply speaking, my situation is
a web page can save a file to folder A,=20
but when the web page invokes a program to leave a file in the folder, it c=
And the question is=A0=20
how I can make the program to do so when it's invoked by the web page?