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Subject: txt file from another file include
Posted by:  drum118 (drum1…@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue, 3 May 2011

Right now I can use this txt link on the page with no problem, but
want to put it into a master file so it can be removed at a later date
and added to another master file with a different name for another

When I put it into the master file for the page, nothing happening
like it should. If you view the page source, it shows the SSI links.

The link that shows up on the page is: (There will be a dozen or more
of various dates)
<!--#include virtual="/headermenus/Transit/PastEvents/
2011/05-10-2011Waterloo.txt" -->

If I stick the link into the master link call as note below, it fails
to work.:
<!--#include virtual="/headermenus/Transit/TransitEven/
TransitEvent.txt" --> or
<!--#include virtual="/headermenus/Transit/PastEvent/PastEvent.txt" --

What I am I doing wrong to get it to work??